Policy Positions

Our Response to the Revision of the EU General Pharmaceuticals Legislation Consultation

Given the speed of diagnostic, drug, device and digital innovation, we propose ensuring that this revision does more than create an EU regulatory system that is efficient & effective, globally competitive and drives faster patient access. It is also a once in a generation opportunity to develop a broader R&D base, wider clinical trials coverage and an advanced manufacturing footprint - creating a vibrant eco-system to make Europe a world leader in life sciences. Read Lilly’s response.

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Our response to the revision of the EU General Pharmaceuticals Legislation Roadmap

Lilly wishes to offer this solution-oriented reply for improving the EU medicines ecosystem, making life better for patients, and facilitating the EU’s leadership in life sciences.

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Our response to the EU Pharmaceutical Strategy Roadmap

Lilly welcomes the opportunity to respond to the European Commission’s Roadmap to the Pharmaceutical Strategy. Lilly pushes the boundaries of science to make conditions that are incurable today, treatable tomorrow. Our recommendations cut across four areas to make life better for patients and support the EU in being a world leader in life sciences. They also reflect learnings to date from COVID-19.

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A strong EU-US relationship for patients

With today’s health challenges accentuated by the coronavirus pandemic, there’s no greater need for common action. Now is the time to push the EU-US relationship to the next level.

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